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Teaching/Learning online
Minecraft Education Edition Resources
Minecraft:EE is free for all ākonga and kaiako in Aotearoa, and is now available on most educational devices, including Windows, MacOS, iPads and ChromeBooks.

To support you in making the most of this free tool, we've created a series of resources that demonstrate the benefits of Minecraft:EE in your classroom, and how you can get started.

This resource covers 

  • The beginner’s guide will help you build confidence in using Minecraft:EE across the curriculum. 

  • Discover how other kaiako have used Minecraft EE with their students. 

  • Explore and learn through resources on the Minecraft Educators website, specifically developed for kaiako and ākonga. 

  • Be introduced to MakeCode within Minecraft. 

  • Gain access to free training and downloadable resources. 

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Minecraft Online Course
Working in Collaboration with DIgital Circus and Christchurch City Council. We've developed a collection of resources to support kaiako to make the most of Minecraft Education Edition. 

impactED's E-Textiles Expert Brittany has created a collection of tutorials to show you how to make your own E-Textiles projects. 

To see more of her work, you can visit Brittany's website and YouTube Channel. 

Meet Brittany.

Sustainable Development Goals


Design and Develop a Digital Outcome to promote a Sustainable Development Goal. This has been designed to align with Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes Progress Outcome 2.

ESports in Canterbury
Game Controller

ESports is a fast-growing community of passionate ākonga and kaikao. 

If you would like to be connected with other schools or talk to someone in the industry in Canterbury, please contact us and we will connect you with members of the community.