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Expert Talent

Our expert talent acknowledge Kaiako skills and their mahi. 

The mahi that we do compliments this by weaving it through what fantastic practice is happening already.

We are hands on, we dig deep. Our philosophy is that PLD should be fun and engaging, and we leave you with #noregrets

As a team we work with senior leadership, staff in team meetings, model in class, support planning and also create frameworks and pathways for schools. 


Arnika Macphail


Managing Director

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A highly regarded facilitator, Arnika believes that PLD shouldn't be boring, but engaging and relevant to the curriculum on all levels.

With a strong teaching background, she understands that time can be a barrier for PLD. This is reflected in her unique coaching and mentoring she provides to educators

Key Strengths:
Curriculum development | Digital Technologies implementation | Assessment for Learning

Jackie Brown_Website.png

Jackie Brown

Senior Education Consultant

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Jackie is a passionate and a highly experienced educator across both primary and secondary schools and in multiple subject areas. She is innovative and challenges the traditional boundaries. 

As a Boma Education Fellow, she is working on changing the perceptions in Mathematics education, with a strong emphasis on developing capacity within the team, design thinking and project based learning.

Key Strengths: 
Secondary curriculum development | Design thinking | Change management | Growth mindset

Kimberley Walker-Groube.png

Kimberley Walker-Groube

Remote Learning Specialist

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Kimberley is an experienced educator and middle leader. She has been lead in a range of curriculum change initiatives around Assessment for Learning and Digital Fluency.


She is passionate about ensuring the school curriculum is inclusive and supports students to contribute positively to their communities. Kimberly is also involved with History and Social Studies education at a national level. 

​Key strengths:

Middle leadership | Assessment for Learning | Local Curriculum | Digital Fluency | Aotearoa New Zealand Histories.

Chris McClement.png

Chris McClement

ESports Expert



    Chris is the Esports Director at Gamestah NZ. With a 20-year career, his background in IT infrastructure and Service Delivery. 

    Chris began his esports journey in 2006, as the Internet and esports equivalent of a radio sport commentator. From there his passion expanded into broadcast production, community management, tournament production and esports event management. 

    Key Strengths:
    Community management | Tournament production | esports event management


    Amani Ah Kuoi

    Lead Graphic Designer


      Amani has a natural talent for graphic design and making things look amazing.


      With a strong reputation as a dedicated worker and commitment to moving forward, Amani brings to the impactED Team a strong creative background and talent in design.

      Key strengths:
      Graphic Design | Expert proficiency in the Adobe suite | Skilled at Time Management | Commitment

      David Macphail (1).png

      David Macphail


      Director of Operations

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      David comes from a business background, having owned and directed several companies over his career.


      He works with the team to develop the direction of impactED to provide quility PLD for Educationalists.  

      Key Strengths:
      Business management and growth | Finance

      Jen Hodgkinson.png

      Jen Hodgkinson

      Senior Education Consultant

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      Jen has had a successful career in a variety of roles within the teaching sector, her most recent role was on a foundation leadership team at a new school that opened in 2017.

      Through these experiences, she has developed skills and passion around the development and implementation of authentic curriculum, innovation, student agency and collaboration.

      Key strengths:
      Local Curriculum  |  Authentic Curriculum  |  Collaboration  | Student Agency  |  Assessment for Learning


      Dr. Gabrielle Wall




        Gabrielle is known for her ability to adapt and deliver under difficult and fast-changing circumstances, ensuring client satisfaction.

        She has a deep expertise in the education sector and in organisational change management, Gabrielle continues to support the rebuilding of the education sector - both physically and pedagogically. 

        Key strengths:
        Change Management | Leadership | Strategy | Stakeholder engagement

        Henry Lawton.png

        Henry Lawton

        Esports Expert (Wellington)


          Henry is founder and GM of Victory Up, an Esports infrastructure company based in Wellington. 

          A key contributor to Esports Development in New Zealand, Henry works closely with Schools to find alternative ways to reengage our akongā using video games and esports as the catalyst. Henry brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, from an industry that is starting to make traction in New Zealand.

          Key Strengths:

          Collaboration | Strategy | Programme design and development | Business management and growth.

          Keryn Hooker.png

          Keryn Hooker

          Local Curriculum


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          Passionate about student agency and collaborative teaching, Keryn has helped co-author a school-wide platform and shared beliefs to ensure a successful experience for both students and staff in the school environment.   

          Coming from a Senior Leadership role in education, Keryn has developed the skills required to work alongside other leadership teams to drive the direction of their school.

          Key Strengths:
          Collaboration | Student Agency | Digital Technologies and Fluency | Assessment for Learning | Local Curriculum

          Wilj Dekkers.png

          Wilj Dekkers

          Senior Education Consultant

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          Wilj is an experienced educator who specialises in creative technology use in the classroom and co-creating opportunities for students and teachers that are sustainable in a classroom setting.


          He understands the requirements and pressures on teachers and works hard to make sure technology use in a school is relevant, supportive, and realistic. 

          ​Key strengths:

          Sustainable Development Goals | Digital Technologies and Fluency | Sustainable Technology programmes | Robotics and Minecraft Education in the classroom | Digital learner accessibility tools

          impactED Team.png

          Brittany Glassey




            With a degree in fashion design and technology, Brittany loves the creative process. She has developed a deep knowledge in electronic textiles, fashion design and product development.

            Brittany also makes web content surrounding various creative projects and takes time to explain the process from concept to completion, with the aim to educate and inspire others when working on their own unique projects.

            Key strengths:
            Fashion and textiles technology | Wearable electronics / e-textiles | Product design and development

            Patricia_impactED Team.png

            Patricia Mary



            • Website

            Patricia supports the impactED team with event management, presentation zhushs, catering, registration processes, web updates, social media, and basic skills of keeping the team sane. 

            ​Key Strengths:
            Collaboration | Workshop Support | Website and Social Media | Newsletters | 

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